Why Plan-S?

We are talking about space! Everything in our universe, beyond what we know.

Envisioning space is challenging. But we have a vision, and we love a challenge.

We are Turkey’s largest private initiative in satellite and space technologies. We, also, are:

- Great Place To Work certified. Recognizing employers who create an outstanding employee experience

- Driven by our sense of mission. Taking responsibility to achieve our vision

- A team of hard workers, assisted by our company culture; empowering autonomy and personal growth

- Offering you, our new potential colleague; a competitive compensation package.

Along side:

- Access to acquiring an unlimited number of books.

- Subscriptions to scientific journals, of your choice, Youtube Premium, Spotify and Storytel

- Flexible working hours and possibility to work hybrid.

Worst case scenario, we’ll have a brick in space. Scared? No? Then what are you waiting for?

It’s always worth trying when space, is the topic of conversation.

The Plan-S Way

- Depend on our network of open communication and knowledge, not presumptions.

- Say “I will learn” and never “I don’t know.”

- Continually look for solutions and seek answers whether the task is assigned to us or not.

- Refusing to stagger in one place, seeking to add value whenever imaginable.

Our Recruitment Process

Our recruitment process is made up of a set of unique stages. We strive to bring in team members whom we can work with in harmony. Therefore, each potential candidate undergoes a behavioral assessment supported by a capability inventory. Subsequently moving on to the technical and vocational evaluation stage, backed by a case study. At last, we play different board games for different positions. Making the last stage of our assessment enjoyable and efficient, both for the applicant and ourselves.

Ultimately, we are seeking new play-mates.

Board games keep us connected to times when our thoughts were the most organic and creative; childhood. When in-play we are more in touch with ourselves, full of joy and inventive. Knowing the fact, it’s undeniably more gratifying to recruit individuals who perceive their work as play and us as their play-mates. 

Choosing board games that highlight; problem solving skills for Engineering, negotiation skills for Procurement, Sales and Finance, and skills of ingenuity for departments of Corporate Communication and People & Culture departments. Before the session, we share information about the game with our candidates. In the meantime we form our own team, chosen from the team members the candidate will be in closest contact with. Each member of our team enjoys the play aspect. So, it’s very valuable for us to see our new colleagues delight in the last stage of their interview, which we consider to be an entertaining meeting, one that introduces candidates to our company culture. Each game session is an opportunity for the office to turn into a playground, echoing with laughter, sharing both the excitement of the candidate and the stories of how our team members were defeated in their personal interviews.

The games function as an initiator to workplace adaptation for our new team member. By their first day, they’ve already established a unique connection and acquired an enjoyable experience in the workplace. All in interest of the common ground created by playing the board game, like every team member. Surely, not all sessions go the same.

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