In the maritime industry, the oceans carry 80% of the world’s traded goods and play a vital role in the global economy. Even as continents are more connected, communication at offshore lag far behind the onshore world in terms of connectivity. In the maritime industry, the lack of terrestrial communication networks causes high latency and insecurity in all digital operations.  

To attain improved connectivity between the land and sea operations, the need for satellite-based communications is essential.  The need for satellite communication is further driven by the increasing number of IoT-connected devices, which include autonomous shipping, fleet management, performance computing, and cybersecurity applications. Additionally, the vital and safety communications for crew and passengers are the key factors encouraging maritime operators to adopt satellite communication systems.

Satellite-based IoT communication enables applications for cargo tracking, asset monitoring, telematics, fleet management, border control, safety, and real-time data flow make possible to deal with actual troubleshooting situations and cybersecurity risks.