Innovation Challenge

You can develop your project with your 3-person team by choosing one of the categories

  • Space and Space Subsystems
  • Sustainability
  • Internet of Things

Application process:

June 1st - July 22th, the applications for the Plan–S Innovation Challenge will be made.

In order to apply for the competition, you must fill out the personal information and educational information fields in the profile field and create your future report.

The 3-person team that you will participate in the competition:

  • Using the option of whether I will create my team
  • If you want, you can create my team using the Create future algorithm option.

The Competition Process:

1- First Report: Filling out the first report template by holding the first meetings of the teams

2- PDR (Preliminary Design Review): Teams report on projects developed in their selected category by filling out the PDR report template

3-CDR (Critical Design Review): Teams who have successfully passed the PDR stage report the improvements they have made taking into account the feedback they have received from the competition committee by filling out the CDR report template

4- Final Presentation Process: Teams who have successfully passed the CDR stage will present their projects

5- Final: Completion of the competition by submitting the projects of the teams that have successfully passed the final presentation process to the final jury

To follow the contest process, don't forget to check our website and follow our social media accounts!

30.000 TL
20.000 TL