Connecta T1.1

ConnectaT1.1 design, development and verification processes have been completed in less than a year. The main purpose of Connecta T1.1 is to serve as a Software Defined Satellite for IoT Communication.

Connecta T1.1

  • In 3U and 4kg CubeSat class.
  • LEO & SSO
  • Bidirectional communication
  • 4 IoT and 2 TM/TC deployable antennas
  • Designed and build OBC/IoT and EPS by Plan-S


S-Band/ UHF and VHF Band Permissions:
  • VHF uplink frequencies at ~0.1 GHz.
  • UHF uplink/downlink frequencies for TM/TC and IoT communication is at ~0.4 GHz.
  • High-speed S-Band data transfer at ~2GHz.


Communication Speeds:
  • TM/TC (from the UHF) -9600bps
  • High Speed (S-Band ) – 2 Mbps
  • IoT (UHF) 1 kbps