Connecta T1.2

Connecta T1.2 is an in-orbit test bed for the development and verification of our IoT technology. It is a Software-Defined-Satellite and firmware or application software level updates are possible for the IoT payload and other subsystems as well.

Connecta T1.2

  • In 3U and 4kg CubeSat class.
  • LEO & SSO
  • Bidirectional communication
  • DeployableTM/TC deployable antennas
  • S-band patch antennas designed, developed & build by Plan-S
  • RF Front-ends for IoT and High-Speed Data in S-band designed, developed & build by Plan-S
  • OBC desgined, developed % build by Plan-S
Allocated Frequencies:
  • TM/TC in commercial UHF
  • High-Speed Data in S-band (space operations)
  • IoT in S-band (mobile satellite services)
Link Speeds:
  • TM/TC ( UHF) -9600bps
  • High Speed (S-Band ) – 2 Mbps
  • IoT (S-band) >1 kbps