Connecta T2.1

Connecta T2.1 is to implement its innovative Earth observation missions with high-resolution multispectral cameras and IoT connectivity.

Connecta T2.1

  • IoT and ground observation test satellite designed with a unique architecture by Plan-S Team
  • The award winner of the Dragonfly Caiman
  • In 6U class
  • Two deployable solar panels to maximize the power gain from the solar cells
  • LEO & SSO
  • Bidirectional communication
  • Designed and build RF cards, controllers, OBC-onboard computer, IoT/TM-TC transceiver, EPS by Plan-S
  • 3m GSD ground observation with Caiman Camera payload


S-Band/ UHF Band Permissions.
  • UHF 0.4 GHz
  • S-Band 2 GHz


Communication Speeds:
  • TM/TC  --1 Mbps
  • High Speed (S-Band ) – 2 Mbps
  • IoT (UHF) 1 kbps